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Kimbilio Daima at a glance

Kimbilio Daima is a savings and credit co-operative society (Formerly Chepsol Sacco ltd) situated in Kimulot Ward of Bomet County. Its Head office is situated in near Kapset Tea factory off kericho-sotik road. It was established in 1993 and registered as a co-operative society. It has grown gradually to open a FOSA in 1999 and is currently licensed as a deposit taking Sacco under the supervision of the Sacco Society's Regulatory Authority(SASRA) It currently has one Branch at the head office the second branch is underway and awaiting approval by SASRA since its feasibility study has already been done .It has tea as its main activity ; it has however expanded to include other members from the area who have found its services beneficial to them .These include employee of other companies and institutions e.g. factories which include Kapset tea factory, Unilever, James Finlays, George Williamson Tea, Kipsigis Highlands, Embomos County farm, Kaisugu Tea and learning institutions within the area.

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Overview of the Sacco

The Sacco’s core activity is savings and Credit. It does this by mobilizing member to save so as to borrow against the savings


The Sacco's Membership

The Sacco has an active membership of 16,000 from the tea region.

Completed project

Chepsol Sacco Plaza

Chepsol Sacco Plaza which is already under occupation ( a two storey building at Kapset factory centre)

Completed project

Kaptebengwet Branch Sacco Building

Kaptebengwet Sacco Building which is already under occupation ( a one storey building at Kaptebengwet centre)

Currently Completed projects

Chepsol Filling Station

We now have a Complete and functional filling Station,

Currently Completed projects

Milk cooling plant

The Milk cooling plant funded by county government of Bomet as part of diversification and income generating activity for its members

Future plans

Housing projects

The future plans include housing projects for members


Why Choose Us?

We applied to participate in the profit sharing programme to help our members get extra funds to invest in agricultural activities that will enable them earn extra incomes as a result of the diversification.
Other Primary Co-operatives also bank with us like, Chepchabas Coop. Society, Kiwoto Coop. Society, Bemiat Coop. Society etc, Kimulot, Chepchabas Women Sacco, Mau Tea Multipurpose, Siomo Co-operative, Kipsigis Highlands, Simaki Co-operative, CHASCO Sacco, Fintea Sacco/FSA.

Development Loans

Development Loan:- This regards to general purpose of loans where a member can invest in various activities like farming, business etc. It is repaid within a period of 3 years (36 months). The interest rate is on reducing balance

Schools Fees Loans

This is for school fees repayable in a period of 2 years (24 months). Interest rate is also on reducing balance method.

Emergency Loans

Emergency Loan:- This is meant for emergencies like; hospital bills and court fnes. It’s repayable in a period of 1 year (12 months). Maximum emergency guaranteed is Ksh. 20,000 or less depending on the native and amount required as per attached documents.


Contributions shall be made per month with minimum amount of Ksh 500. Every member shall be required to contribute towards group savings.

Microfinance Facilities

Micro credit entails lending of money to groups of persons who come together as savers in the sacco.

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